Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2011

Rebel Territory INC. Limited Edition

Die E.P. Orchids Off Bloom enthält 4 Tracks die zwischen Elektronic und Rock-Gitarre schweben.
Aufgenommen, gemalt und gebrannt vom Beat The Waves Frontmann persönlich.
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Orchids Off Bloom E.P. (ltd. Edition)
by Rebel Territory Inc.

Music from outta space.
The first offical E.P.-Release from Rebel Territory Inc..
The 4-track E.P. from the Frontman of Beat The Waves takes rock music to another level. Mixed up guitars synthesizers and drum loops were captured by a new curtain of arranging.
The E.P. is strictly limited and numbered. Every single disc of 20 pieces owns a original cover painted by the artist .
If you like to order Orchids Off Bloom send a message to RT Inc. at MySpace or send an e-mail to

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